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Wait for a Pullback in Shopify Inc (US) (SHOP) Stock

SHOP stock is giving back some its post-earnings gains, but don’t pull the trigger yet.

Shopify Inc (US) (NYSE:SHOP) earned a lot of Wall Street buzz this week after shares of the cloud-based e-commerce company surged over $100 for the first time.

The rally was the result of an outstanding second-quarter report that included an EPS loss of 10 cents (5 cents better than expected) and an astounding 75% revenue gain over the previous year.


Management also raised their 2017 revenue projection and lowered their expected operating loss, which is now estimated to come in at $7 million to $11 million (down from $14 million to $18 million).

3 Cybersecurity Stocks to Buy as the World Is Hacked

Cybersecurity remains a hot topic around the world and these three stocks are solid plays in the space

Cybersecurity remains a hot topic around the world, and Wall Street is no exception. As companies up their online protection, related cybersecurity stocks stand to be some of the market’s biggest winners.

I tested a few of these potential investment ideas against my strict NexGen criteria and came up with three cybersecurity names that stand out as future leaders in this key mega-trend.

3 Technology Stocks That Just Don’t Make the Grade

The technology sector is a favorite of mine in the current environment, but just because I like the space as a whole doesn’t mean that every single stock within it has the potential to be a winner.

In fact, I recently took a closer look at the NASDAQ 100 Index and after testing the following names against my strict NexGen criteria (fundamentals, technicals and intangibles) I came across three large-cap tech stocks that I’m staying away from.

Let’s talk about each.

3 ‘NexGen’ Stocks to Keep Your Eye On

When I look ahead at the second half of 2017, I’m overwhelmed by the potential opportunities that continue to grow out of our NexGen mega-trends. Every day when I run my scans, I find more exciting stocks to buy and ideas that currently are (or are destined to become) the new faces of Wall Street.

With so many of my favorite mega-trends ready to fuel the rest of 2017, it’s no surprised that my watch list has ballooned recently. There are plenty of potential money-making ideas in companies that are innovating, shaking up the status quo and leading the next wave of market growth.

Three stocks in particular stand out to me right now as names worth keeping an eye on. Let’s talk a bit about each and what I’m looking for to signal a buying opportunity.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) and Facebook Inc (FB): 2 Home Runs in Tech

The second-quarter earnings season is in full swing, and two large-cap technology companies that fall into my NexGen style of investing reported their results this week. Both hit it out of the park.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) was up first, releasing its numbers after Tuesday’s closing bell. The company saw a profit of 2 cents per share, above the consensus estimate of breakeven for the quarter, and revenue grew18.4%  to $1.22 billion, coming in $60 million higher than expected.

3 Big Tech Stocks to Buy With Impunity

The tech selloff that took place over the past month took its toll on a large number of Big Tech stocks. And while some definitely sported more attractive valuations after taking a hit, that doesn’t mean that all are worth picking up at a disc3 Big Tech Stocks to Buy With Impunityount. Nor does that mean you can jump into the rallies underway and come out whole.

Trade of the Day: Jeld-Wen Holding Inc (JELD)

With the way tech stocks have been moving recently, you’re probably wondering why the heck I would bring up a building materials company as the Trade of the Day. Well, let’s talk about that.

Jeld-Wen Holding Inc (NYSE:JELD) is not a household name, and it’s not in a fancy sector either. It’s a building materials company that focuses on doors and windows. But it’s got all three things I look for – a technical buy signal, solid fundamentals and a strong trend behind it – and that makes it too interesting to ignore.

Walt Disney Co (DIS) Stock Doesn’t Meet My NexGen Buy Criteria

In order to make a profound impact on your portfolio, you have to go beyond Wall Street’s narrow focus of picking stocks. Many analysts and advisors focus only on the fundamentals while others rely solely on chart reading.

Walt Disney Co (DIS) Stock Doesn’t Meet My NexGen Buy Criteria

Both of these are important, but those of you who invest with me regularly know that I like to dig a lot deeper. That’s why I implement a three-prong approach that gives us a fully comprehensive picture of a stock before we invest in it.